Conway community comes together to help fight cancer

Conway community comes together to help fight cancer
CONWAY,S.C. (WMBF) - All over this community, many of you are stepping off the sidelines and taking a stand against cancer. Just today, Loris and Daisy elementary schools teamed up to help bring awareness to one student's disease and to help with medical expenses.  Over in Conway, another student is beginning to see the fruits of that community's labor.

 “When I found out I had Leukemia, I didn't even know what Leukemia was,” said Martwain Bellamy-Gregg. “I just knew it was a cancer but as healthy as I was that just wasn't possible; so for a longtime I didn't accept it.”

Back in 2013, Bellamy-Gregg was a freshman running back at Conway High School. Bumps and bruises are a part of the game of football but he says a never-ceasing headache and the constant feeling of being drained were indications that something was not right.

“Usually it was just a headache and it would go away but my headache was getting worse,” reflected Bellamy-Gregg. “So I was just in school with a headache, popping BC powders basically all day. Football was just something that we love to do, so I wasn't going to miss practice.”

After months of observation, doctors diagnosed the 17 year old with leukemia.

“When I found out ‘Twain had Leukemia, I wanted to come down here and when I came down here I wanted to play running back,” said Jah'maine Martin, Bellamy-Gregg's cousin. “I was not going to let anyone else get 30, that's like my brother.”

 “We were like where did it come from? Is it hereditary?” questioned Jomaine Bellamy, Bellamy-Gregg's Uncle. “We did a lot of research. Upon looking, it's like ‘it could happen to anyone.'”

That's when many from both the school and the Conway community responded with a fundraiser in his honor to try and find a match for a bone marrow transplant. Hundreds registered to become donors that day but only one would be a match for Martwain, his dad. 

 “Excited,” reflected Bellamy-Gregg,” because I wanted to know when I got the match who my donor was and to find out it was my dad it was…he was excited also.”

Martwain's family says the best way you can help out is by going online and registering to become a bone marrow donor. It's as simple as swab, seal and send. 

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