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Ice rink president proposes permanent complex to county leaders

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - The proposal to build a permanent ice rink in the Grand Strand went before county leaders Tuesday.

The president of Grand Strand Ice management discussed the need for a year-round rink with Horry County council and talked about why it's important to the community.

A temporary rink set up at the Myrtle Beach Mall through winter holidays to see how many people would be interested in skating.

Steven Elias says its success proves the community would use a rink if there was one open here for good.

"The fact that I had a one-tenth sized ice rink in Myrtle Beach Mall and we're doing as well as we're doing, is the beginning of me being able to show that this area in Myrtle Beach, Grand Strand area needs an ice rink, needs a twin sheet ice rink complex," Elias said.

Elias is working to survey the community to see who is interested in the rink and finding out where they think it should go.

The temporary rink at the Myrtle Beach Mall will close February 1.

Myrtle Beach Mall officials: Ice rink to close February 1

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