Donald Trump puts Tea Party on map for 2016

Donald Trump puts Tea Party on map for 2016

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - In front of a room packed full of Tea Party enthusiasts, Donald Trump took the microphone and gave the party a shot in the arm.

He may not have announced his run for presidency, but he did put the Tea Party on the map for the next election.

"It's still very much up for grabs," said Curtis Ellis, a Tea Party Activist who worked at the convention. "There's not been a single candidate that's swept the board."

The tea party has had its problems in the past but right now its gearing up for a candidate to make a run at the presidency. One of those possible candidates is Donald Trump.

He hopes people can get over the stigma that sometimes comes with the party.

"I think they've been treated very, very unfairly," Trump said. "What they really are, are great American people who love this country and they work, and that's what I'm all about."

Others had a harder time answering the question, but eventually came up with some solutions.

Ron Hooper traveled all the way from Florida and did have an answer. He believes people will take the party more seriously if they stop the fighting.

"One thing that really hurts the Republican Party and Tea Party, both, is that they've been a little at odds," said Hooper, a guest from Florida. "I'd like to see that kind of unify."

Whether or not the party is in the public's good graces, many attending this year's conference believes it's their message their will win the public over.

"When they hear from their brother or their cousin or their neighbor, why it's important to vote for this person or that or why it's important to vote, that's what sticks with them, not these controversies that get generated," said Ellis.

Even though Trump didn't officially announce he's running for president, he did build the crowd up.

He also says he knows what the campaign will focus on if he decides to run: making America great again.

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