Coastal Carolina University works to keep students educated on alcohol abuse

Coastal Carolina University works to keep students educated on alcohol abuse

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Coastal Carolina University leaders say they use many programs to ensure student safety on and off campus.

Alcohol education isn't just something they go over once at Coastal Carolina University. Instead, students are reminded daily of what can come out of what they think is just another fun night out. "You know, when our students first come, they are under the legal drinking age, then they turn the legal drinking age while they are here," Lee Carter said.

That's exactly why Associate Director for Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention, Lee Carter, feels it's necessary to show students the influential images of alcohol on social media don't show the potential consequences. "Portray alcohol as nothing but fun and great, and if you're young you are expected to drink and have all these wonderful things happen. I think we all know that's not the reality," Carter explained.

Carter says, the reality is, drinking can be dangerous whether its drinking and driving, violence, alcohol poisoning and even death.

She explains from orientation to graduation, the school uses campaigns, events and group sessions to keep students aware.

"For things like before a weekend, sometimes we'll use social media to tweet out, hey everyone stay safe, and you know maybe some messages, all of those things together," Carter added. Carter notes before a three day weekend like this one, public safety may work to make themselves more visible to let students know they are watching.

Carter says DUI's aren't taken lightly on campus either. "You know, I guess it's a two-fold issue, you know one is obviously, if someone gets a DUI, that's a potential huge safety impact on the community and second, that may be a student who really has an issue with alcohol or other drugs," Carter said.

Carter says the university will offer counseling for these students, and if it becomes an on going issue, they could be expelled.

However, Carter says the goal of the next checkpoint, will not be to get students in trouble, it will be to make sure they stay safe and officers will have a focus.  "They're going to target areas that affect our students," Carter concluded.

As always, the university will be sending out reminders for students to safe this three day weekend and you can expect to see a checkpoint around campus on January 29.

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