Uber ordered to stop ride-share service in SC

Uber ordered to stop ride-share service in SC

SC (WMBF) - The Public Service Commission ordered the ride-sharing company Uber, along with its drivers, to cease and desist Thursday.

The company must stay out of operation until the drivers are licensed to operate a motor vehicle carrier, the order states.

“Pursuant to state statute, this Commission requires all motor carriers transporting persons or property for compensation to first obtain a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity before commencing operation. This requirement to first obtain a certificate is in every order issued by this Commission granting authority to operate a motor vehicle carrier, and is driven by the Legislature's concern for public safety and other legal considerations,” according to the order.

Uber does not currently require drivers to be licensed.

Uber customers say the order is a waste of a good idea that utilizes the technology of our time. Taxi drivers remain outspoken opponents of Uber, saying the cease and desist is only fair. Taxi cab drivers say Uber should be held to the same standards and regulations because Uber is no different than a cab. Uber customers say they prefer Uber to taxis, and that Uber should be allowed to compete with similar types of rentals.

"I think competition is great for any business," says Dawna Parks, mother of an Uber driver. "Nobody likes competition but it makes you better at what you do. So if Uber is coming in and offering a better service than anybody else, it makes everyone rise to a higher standard.

In response to the order, Taylor Bennett, Uber spokesperson, issued the following statement:

“Despite working closely with the PSC for the past several months on a permanent solution for Uber in South Carolina, today's actions are unexpected and not reflective of the progress made thus far. We will challenge the order and remain committed to providing South Carolinians with greater opportunity and choice."

The ride-sharing service began operating in South Carolina last July.

Since then, many cities,



, warned drivers about fines they would face if they were caught operating without a license.

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