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Florence County Council Chairman voted out

James Schofield. Source: http://florenceco.org/ James Schofield. Source: http://florenceco.org/
Roger Poston. Source: http://florenceco.org/ Roger Poston. Source: http://florenceco.org/
FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) – Florence County Council Chairman James Schofield was voted out of his position at a regular meeting Thursday morning when the council held its annual officer elections.

Schofield did not receive the necessary two-thirds votes from council members to retain his position as chairman, getting five votes in favor of him remaining chairman and four against.

He said he was expecting this outcome because of the majority stance he had to take as chairman on Florence County fire district consolidation.

"I knew it six months ago when the member told me he had a problem with me being it because his people in the fire district didn't want me to be it," Schofield said. "I said that's pretty much going to fix that up."

Roger Poston was voted in to replace Schofield as chairman.

"I feel blessed and extremely fortunate to serve as chair of this county," Poston said.

Schofield was elected in as the vice chairman of the council. He represents District 8 and served two terms as the chairman of the county council. His term as a councilmember expires in December 2018.

"The course of Florence County is pretty much on the same track under Roger's leadership as it was mine," Schofield said.

Poston, representative of District 2, said he expects capital improvement projects to top his to-do list for the year-long term. He also said he hopes to work more closely with municipal governments in Florence County.

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