Plans for Withers Swash Park to move forward

Plans for Withers Swash Park to move forward

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Plans are moving forward to improve the downtown area of Myrtle Beach. By developing the Withers Swash Park, officials hope to create more opportunities families and tourists.

During Tuesday's Myrtle Beach City Council Workshop, officials took another step forward in that development.

“It goes back to the ‘80s, but we we're much more aggressive in the ‘90s with building a park,” started Jack Walker, the City Planning Director, as he presented to the council.

It isn't a new concept, Walker explained, for nearly 20 years the city has planned to build up the Withers Swash Park.

“We have slowly started to bring it back as a priority for the city,” he said.

Walker's presentation is jump-starting that effort during the council's workshop, as he asked council to reallocate funding to help push plans forward.

“To bring the money together we need to buy the last three pieces of property that will grow the park and provide pathway construction,” explained Walker.

Already parts of the puzzle are falling into place, such as improvements on Third Avenue South.

“So, you'll have improved ways to get to the park if you live in neighboring areas,” said Walker.

It will also extend the boardwalk.

“We're working with DRC and property owners in the hotel district so you can walk from what is currently Banditos Restaurant all the way down to Withers Swash and come back up all the way to Broadway,” said Walker.

Another goal of the City Planning Director is to create a safe area. He has plans to have a type of ranger force to patrol the parks, similar to what a national park may have.

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