New HCS Board members say different perspective will move district forward

New HCS Board members say different perspective will move district forward
Sherrie Todd, HCS Board Member, District 2
Sherrie Todd, HCS Board Member, District 2
Ray Winters, HCS Board Member, District 3
Ray Winters, HCS Board Member, District 3

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Some new leaders have new plans for kids in Horry County Schools.

At Monday night's school board meeting, six board members were sworn in, including three are new board members. It was also the first meeting for Dr. Rick Maxey since being appointed as interim superintendent following the resignation of Dr. Cindy Elsberry.

Holly Heniford, District 1, Sherrie Todd, District 2, and Ray Winters, District 3, are the newest members. They say they are ready and excited to be part of the board, and they have goals for the district that they would like to see accomplished during their term.

Sherrie Todd, District 2 board member, said she comes from the classroom to the boardroom, after teaching in the classroom more than 20 years, she retired in December 2014. Todd said she has insight that will help the board.

"I think I will have a different perspective than some of the board members; coming directly from the classroom so I understand a lot of what the teachers face and I think I will be an advocate for the teachers and the students," Todd.

Ray Winters. District 3 Board Member, is a parent with a child in the Horry County school system, he wants to be a voice that will represent parents.

Winters explained, "Having a daughter in middle school, I hope to bring the perspective of being a parent with a middle school student, somebody that's got hands-on experience with a child in the school system."

The members tell WMBF they may bring different views to the board, but they all want what's best for the students of Horry County. They plan to work toward improving the district as a whole.

The discussion of building new schools has been ongoing, Todd said that while serving her term she would like to see construction go forth.

"We've got to build new schools and we've got to add to the existing schools, so I am excited about that, and I have been appointed to the Facilities Committee, so I'll be working with those school buildings," explained Todd.

Winters said building new schools should certainly be a primary focus for the upcoming school year.

"[I'm interested in] doing something about the overcrowding in the schools," Winters said. "So being hands-on with the building of the new schools not just in Carolina Forest but in other parts of the county will add relief to the overcrowding of schools will be something I am particularly excited about."

After the first full week as Interim Superintendent, Dr. Rick Maxey was part of the board meeting.

Maxey said his transition is going smoothly. He has worked with the district for 26 years, and as his positions within the district may have change his focus which is serving the community and children of Horry County has not.

Maxey said, "We're looking at challenges with changes in assessment and we'll certainly work with curricular issues, of course, there's always concern about a budget; making sure we're working within our means; also looking at growth within our school district and making sure we have buildings, plans in place so that we can accommodate student growth.

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