Low gas prices cause SUV sales to jump

Low gas prices cause SUV sales to jump

CAROLINA FOREST, SC (WMBF) - You've probably saved more than just a few dollars at the pump in recent months. Gas prices are hovering right around two dollars a gallon. So people have more to spend, and used car dealerships say people are spending, and when it comes to buying cars, the market has shifted.

Gas prices are now under two-dollars per gallon in some places on the Grand Strand. Dealers say that's making people who have sworn off gas-guzzling SUVs reconsider.

"A year ago, the sedans, the smaller cars were flying off the lot. Now it is the opposite," says Eric Richards with Southern Auto Mart.

Families on a budget who perhaps couldn't afford the steep gas price of a big vehicle with bad mileage compromised by buying smaller vehicles.

"The gas prices have come down and they're able to come out here and buy these larger SUVs and fit it within their budget," Richards says. "They're able to still take their children to the soccer games, the football games, to do whatever they need to do and still maintain their own budget. Because strictly, in my opinion, because the gas prices."

But Richards says customers aren't blinded by low gas prices. "We know that the gas prices will go back up, but we all hope and pray that they're going to go up gradually instead of a huge jump."

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