Police investigate reported child abduction attempt

Police investigate reported child abduction attempt

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The Myrtle Beach Police Department responded to the area of Porcher Drive on January 11, in regards to a suspect allegedly attempting to entice a child into a vehicle.

According to MBPD, the child reported that while walking her dog, an individual approached her and asked if she could help him find his dog. The child yelled "no" and ran towards her home. The child said, as she was running, the suspect pulled up beside her in a black, four-door vehicle. The suspect reportedly yelled for the child to come with him, and told her if she didn't, he would hurt her. The child continued to run home and the suspect allegedly fled the scene, west on 73rd Avenue North.

The suspect was described as a white male, with blue eyes, and missing the corners of his top teeth. The male was wearing a red collared shirt with three buttons down the center, and a black baseball cap with a Nike symbol on the side.

One nearby neighbor says the area is known as being safe so Sunday's incident is causing everyone to think twice.

"I was honestly shocked to hear something like that would even happen," said Leah Belcher.

She was impressed with how the young girl handled the man's request, but not everyone is ready for these type of situations. That's why the Myrtle Beach Police Department gives out these pointers to both kids and adults.

"Please do not talk to strangers. If you do not know someone that's approaching you to ask you questions, again, find an adult that you trust, make your way home as quickly as possible if you are outside, and for everyone, be aware of your surroundings, know what's going on around you, know who's around you," said Lt. Joey Crosby.

If anyone has information on this incident, contact MBPD at (843) 918-1382.

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