Local bar and restaurant goes smoke free and seeing benefits

Local bar and restaurant goes smoke free and seeing benefits

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Year after year, if you found yourself sitting at the bar inside Remedies, you found plenty of beer and food, but also a cloud of smoke.

Now, the Myrtle Beach staple is changing things up, and it's because customers made it pretty clear what they wanted. "The basic feedback that I hear is we really like Remedies but it's too smoky," said Jeremy Halpin, General Manager of Remedies.

Now, if you want to smoke that cigarette, you will have to step outside. Starting January 1, the bar decided it was going smoke free to accommodate more customers. The bar figured for every smoker it loses, it gains several other people who are looking for a smoke free atmosphere.

"Sometimes the guys might be willing to tolerate it but then the girls... when their gentlemen get home, alright go take a shower or change your clothes or whatever it is because you smell like smoke," Halpin said.

While the bar may no longer be as inviting to smokers, it doesn't want to leave them out in the cold. Halpin says the bar upgraded the back patio to allow smokers to still do their thing; that way, it keeps the bar and restaurant smoke free, while at the same time, possibly convincing smokers not to choose another place to hang out and watch the football game.

"We're hoping for at the same time that our smokers realize that we're trying to do this for the benefit of 100 percent of our guests and not just taking care of and proving for 50 percent of our guests," Halpin said.

So far, Halpin says he has heard nothing but positive feedback. Business hasn't taken a hit, and even the smokers are ok with the change.

"It hurts us going out in the cold and stuff like that but it's minor, as far as the place, it got a lot better," said Travis Leblanc, a customer at Remedies. "You can go in there and eat and not choke on smoke."

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