Traffic management team to assist highway congestion in Surfside Beach

Traffic management team to assist highway congestion in Surfside Beach
Surfside Fire Department Chief, Anthony Fox
Surfside Fire Department Chief, Anthony Fox

SURFSIDE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A new traffic management team will help keep traffic flowing on a busy section of Highway 17 in Surfside Beach and in other surrounding areas. Its end goal will be to help you get to where you're going quickly and safely when accidents happen.

The Surfside Beach Fire Department is looking for community volunteers to make up the new team.

The Surfside Beach Traffic Management Team, according to Surfside Beach Fire Chief Anthony Fox, will relieve officers and navigate motorists around accidents and other heavy traffic-related events.

"For example, on 17, there's a car crash on 17 that's going to take a while to clear, we can activate the traffic management team to have them come out and help direct traffic that will make the roads safer for other motorists as they're moving through the area," said Fox.

The chief said the team, which will consist of between five to 15 volunteers, will assist with emergency and non-emergency events in Surfside Beach and surrounding areas to relieve police officers of traffic control duties, so they can go back to responding to other emergency calls.

Fox said, "[Highway] 17 is a very busy road, especially right here through Surfside, as the construction on Glenns Bay Road kicks off, it's going to contribute to the traffic congestion as well. We want to do everything we can do to alleviate that."

Drivers who participate will undergo traffic control training.

"They'll have to be trained in instant management and traffic control and traffic management," explained Fox. "That's going to be a combined effort between the fire department and the Surfside Beach Police Department."

Fox said if community members can come out and volunteer their time, they will be contributing to the overall safety of the town.

"When people participate in what's going on in their town, I generally believe that that helps them feel a sense of ownership in what's going on and increases their pride."

The department wants the team to be trained and ready to hit the streets by the busy peak season.

Applications are being accepted and if you are interested, stop by the Surfside Beach Fire Department to pick up an application.

Anyone with any history in the fire and police departments who wants to participate are certainly welcomed as well.

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