Potential thief caught on resident's home security camera

Potential thief caught on resident's home security camera

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – A Myrtle Beach resident caught a potential thief on his home's security camera – the man seen entering the resident's truck and rummaging through his belongings before driving off empty-handed.

With surveillance equipment becoming higher-quality and lower-cost, many homeowners are able to keep a watchful eye on their castle 24/7 and police on the Grand Strand can use those videos of suspects caught in the act to help them develop leads in a case.

"In the off chance that unfortunately that we weren't able to see it or spot it when it was happening or even find it after it happened before the resident does and we are able to get that footage," said Surfside Beach Police Lt. Kenneth Hofmann.  "We can put it out through social media and other sites where maybe someone can look at it and help us identify those people."

Surfside Beach Police officers used social media to help catch suspects wanted in connection toa burglary last summer.  The homeowner, who had surveillance cameras, caught the suspects going through the house in the middle of the night.

The video was posted to Facebook and ultimately police were able to identify the suspects.

"We've solved quite a few cases by being able to get good quality surveillance footage and put that information out to the public and almost immediately we are able to start developing leads to follow up on," added Lt. Hofmann.

Police departments are thankful for the extra sets of eyes watching local neighborhoods.  In the future, that help is expected to improve as more homeowners add cameras that are close to HD quality.

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