How to safely exercise in the cold

How to safely exercise in the cold

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) - When it comes to working out during the Winter, people fall off but the fact is summer bodies are made in the winter. Now is the time act and here are some ways to do so safely.

"I think on a day like today, if the wind is down a little bit,  and your schedule allows you to run when the sun is up,  it's going to make a huge difference," said Brass, Owner of Black Dog Running Company.  "Definitely early in the morning and late at night is probably not a good idea."

Brass has been running for more than 20 years and at 5-6 days a week, that's a lot of miles. He says when it comes to the cold, don't expect to be toasty from the start because you've got to build body heat during your activity. Brass also says if things get too chilly, think twice.

"if the wind chill is in single digits or below, if there's a chance to be exposed to frost bite, you definitely want to use better judgment there," said Brass.

Some locals have taken to the water to escape the wind chill.

"Well,  it hasn't been that cold yet [so] the pool is no problem," said Ron Revere, Canal Street Rec center patron. "The pool is in the 80's and you swim a little and you get warmer. Just getting to the door, that's the only problem. But once I get here no problem."

Revere says since his first dive, he's built up endurance and shed unneeded pounds, so there's almost nothing that can keep him out of the water. And while going for a dip at this time of year may send shivers right up your spine, Revere says just do whatever works for you.

"it has to be something you enjoy doing, I mean nobody can make you do something that you don't like to so start slow and just build up to as much as you can take."

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