New flashing yellow arrow signals aim to improve safety

New flashing yellow arrow signals aim to improve safety

GARDEN CITY, SC (WMBF) – Some drivers on the south strand are seeing something they have never encountered before, but it is aimed at keeping them safe on the road.  The intersection of Hwy 17 Business and the Garden City Connector is now home to what are called “Flashing Yellow Arrows.”

These traffic signals are designed to help drivers who are specifically turning left from a left turn lane.  They were installed in December and SCDOT said it is the first intersection of its kind in Horry County that has the new signals.

The traffic lights are made up of a red arrow, green arrow, yellow arrow, plus a flashing yellow arrow.  The flashing yellow arrow signals to drivers that it is okay for them to proceed and turn, but to use caution.

These lights are designed to improve safety, which is why in the future they will be installed at major intersections across the country.

Driver Sandy Lynn said the new signals make a big difference.

“Just open your eyes to the flashing it just makes it stick out and pop,” added Lynn.  “You've seen flashing red lights before too where it makes you more aware to you than just a standard light.”

SCDOT said right now there are a handful of intersections across the state with the FYA signals.  One other location near Horry County that has the signals is down in Pawleys Island.

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