Myrtle Beach High School student could tour with LPGA

Myrtle Beach High School student could tour with LPGA

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - At just 9 years old, Jasmine Chestnut started taking golf lessons at her elementary school. Now nearly 10 years later, she's one of the best on the Myrtle Beach Girls High School team.

"I shoot a 41 on 9 holes, and then 85 on 18 holes," said the 17 year old Myrtle Beach High school senior. "Yah, it's pretty good."

It's a sport you don't typically find African-American women playing professionally, and this senior says she's proud to be part of an elite group.

"Everyone's like, oh normally you see black people doing basketball and track and football, but I wanted to step outside the box," she said.

And stepping outside of the box has paid off for Jasmine's family. Lessons run around $60 just for one one-hour session. Thanks to the decision her parents made to keep her in the sport, Jasmine is on a full ride scholarship to Columbia next fall where she plans to study business.

"I've been talking to the coach since the beginning of my junior year and I went back in November to watch the girls play and he was looking at my swing, critiquing it and he called me that next week and was like, 'Do you want to sign?" she said.

Golf is not all this high school senior is in to. She's very involved in school, taking up orchestra at one time, and staying active in clubs like Teens Against Pressures and Stereotypes. She's also a senator in the student government, among other things.

"I"m also involved in my church choir, I'm really into art, I love to paint and I'm on the school's lighthouse leadership team."

If the going ever gets tough, this young lady says she has one thing to always keep her going.

"I live by the can do all things through Christ that strengthens you," she said. "And I always go through that bible verse, it keeps me uplifted."

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