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Energy company encourages conservation to avoid being in the dark

Susan Mongo, Public Relations Specialist, Santee Cooper Susan Mongo, Public Relations Specialist, Santee Cooper

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Many people are cranking up the heat in their home; the high demand is causing concern for possible rolling brown outs.

Santee Cooper spokeswoman Susan Mungo said crews will be on standby, prepped and ready to go just in case power outages should occur in the area. She stated that the lack of rain with this blistery weather should help avoid that problem. Mungo said they also do not anticipate having any brown-outs, however, they are calling on the customers to help.

"We do not expect any problems so we are monitoring everything closely and we will be ready to go if there are any issues," said Mungo.

Mungo said crews will be on stand by to handle any power outages, but because of the high demand of energy use, they are encouraging customers to help conserve energy. Mungo added, "In winter if we see a peak, it normally is first thing in the morning, so what can customers can do to offset that peak load is to watch the things they do first thing in the morning. Avoid using your clothes dryer, avoid using your dishwasher - things like that, those are ways customers can help."

Keeping your thermostat at set a temperature and leaving it there will also help conserve. "Most people will find if you have a heat pump it will probably run all night because of how cold it will be, so we do recommend that you leave the setting at 68 [degrees], add layers of clothing, grab a blanket, do things like that to stay comfortable rather than bumping up the thermostat," she explained.

Routine maintenance will help as well, according to Tom Fahey, a service technician for Atlantic Heating & Cooling in North Myrtle Beach.

He recommended that homeowners have their heating/cooling units checked at least twice a year, during the summer and winter. Fahey also said changing air filters on a monthly basis will help too. "Your heating and cooling equipment is your most important appliance in your house, so maintenance is real important," said Fahey.

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