Local schools brace for bitter blast of temperatures

Local schools brace for bitter blast of temperatures

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Horry County Schools are running on a normal schedule despite the low temperatures, but Myrtle Beach Elementary isn't taking any chances.

The school's principal, Michelle Greene-Graham, says because the children are so young, it is crucial to remind them of the dangers cold weather can bring.

"...because you know, our kids are 7 and 8 still, I doubt they do that at the middle school, but we need to here. Because they are being trained to protect themselves," she said.

As for school delays and cancellations, the school's principal explains it really comes down to one thing.

"The primary goal is ensuring that all students are safe and we're able to transport them safe, and they are being transported by their parents safety as well," Greene-Graham explained, though she said the process doesn't end there.

"Then once we make sure the safety piece is in place,we worry about the educational piece of potentially make up days or potentially extension hours," she added.

Last year, she recalls pulling some make up days from winter break, but this year she says the county has planned for make-up days.

Yet she wants parents to remember, not all schools will have the same amount of cancellations.

"Normally it's a district-wide call, As you probably remember last year, some of us came back to school when other areas of the county were still out and it had to do with principals communicating to the district executive directors and chief officers the need in their area," she noted.

For the days they decide they will have school, teachers have a helping hand.

"A local organization donated 100 coats to Myrtle Beach Elementary School and I know that is not just isolated incident. They do it at other schools," she explained.

The coats were donated by The Myrtle Beach Elks, Lodge number 1771.

Principal Greene-Graham says they also had some other donations, and it's not just coats.

"Today, our guidance counselor was able to go out based on donations from other people and pick up 50 hats and 50 pairs of gloves," she said.

These donations are priceless for those who otherwise wouldn't have anything to wear.

"She called them out in the hall and talked with them so that of course they wouldn't be embarrassed in front of their peers and made sure they had what they need to be protected for the morning," she said.

The school's principal says as always, they will be watching and they'll be out on cold mornings making sure children are dressed warmly enough.

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