County council withdraws Wicked Stick rezoning ordinance

County council withdraws Wicked Stick rezoning ordinance

HORRY COUNTY, SC ( WMBF)- One by one, residents spoke out against the rezoning ordinance that would allow big businesses to set up shop in a neighborhood where they're so familiar seeing a golf course, but they weren't expecting the fight to be this easy.

"I understand the owners of the wicked stick property should be able to sell the property in order to make a profit, but not to cause a problem for existing development such as Southwood," Frank Emerson said.

"It's dangerous - adding a big box store, something that could become a 24/7 operation. [It] puts each and every one of us at risk," John Scanlin said.

Moments after residents spoke their peace, a staff member from Horry County Zoning and Planning asked Chairman Lazarus to move the rezoning issue up in the agenda and address it right away.

The ordinance was withdrawn without reaching it's first reading later in the agenda.

Some residents weren't expecting the ordinance to be taken completely off the table and still question whether this is a true victory.

"I don't think for the immediate future that there is a concern, but we have kids and grandkids, they are our concern," Scanlin noted.

Chairman Mark Lazarus said unless the developer comes to council with other plans, these residential HOA communities will stay the same.

"The biggest thing that people need to understand is that it's off the table. It's over until the developer decides to do something different with that piece of property and it will be the developer bringing it forward, understanding what the neighbors want, not our staff bringing it forward," Lazarus assured.

Though no developers from Wicked Stick spoke on the issue during the council meeting, Chairman Lazarus says the six acres will stay residential. and the property closest to Highway 17 will remain highway commercial.

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