After years of planning, CCU's Jackson Student Union building finally ready to open

After years of planning, CCU's Jackson Student Union building finally ready to open
Source: Mandy Noell
Source: Mandy Noell

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Coastal Carolina university is putting the final touches on its brand new Jackson Student Union Building in the heart of campus. It's a massive facility that has been in the works for years. The technology and convenience inside keeps CCU current with how other colleges around the country are keeping campuses up to date.

"Nationally, campuses know to be competitive and to really recruit good students, they need really great facilities," says Debbie Connor, the Vice President of Student Affairs at CCU.

So the university is investing a total of $24 million to create the Jackson Student Union building. "With the student union will come a place for students not only to eat, but a place for them where they can hangout, study, socialize, organizations can work on their projects together," Connor continues.

And students may hang around after hours; there's a big convenience store that was being stocked Tuesday, a brand new theater that students can watch movies in on the weekends and Thursdays. Plus the building is full of spaces to sit and work or have study groups.

But Conner says the work on the Jackson Student Union isn't done, "This building includes a second phase. And that second phase will include a mirror addition that you've just seen on the other side."

Each half is about 50,000 square feet. The second phase will come with some very different amenities.

"The facilities will be a ballroom, they'll have more meeting rooms, conference space, and that's one of the biggest challenges I think for our 200 student organizations is for them to have places to meet," Conner says.

Construction on the second phase hasn't begun yet, and a start date has not been set. But the goal is to have the entire facility finished by summer of 2018.

"Not only will it help us recruit students to this campus, but it will help us keep those students here," Conner says. The building will officially open Monday, coinciding with the first day of the Spring semester.

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