Springmaid Beach Resort to change ownership and name

Springmaid Beach Resort to change ownership and name

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - One of the oldest and most iconic hotels in Myrtle Beach could now be completely different moving forward, because on Tuesday, Springmaid Beach Resort found itself under new management.

"Springmaid during it's heyday in the early 50's was host to hundreds of employees from the Springmaid Mill," said local photographer Jack Thompson, who was there to photograph the resort when it first opened.

Every year, employees of the textile company would make their way to the company's resort for big holiday weekends. Thompson says a family could stay at Springmaid for just over seven dollars a night.

Now fast forward several decades and the rates are higher, and soon the company will separate itself from its history even more.

"This facility is sort of a gold mine for some big company to come in and really exploit all the amenities that the south end has to offer," said Thompson.

The company that's coming in is Integrated Capitol out of Los Angeles. On Tuesday, Springmaid Beach resort announced the management company will take over and the resort will see some changes.

On top of renovations, the resort will change its name for the first time ever. It will eventually change to a DoubleTree Resort by Hilton and Thompson believes the change will be a much-needed shot in the arm for the south strand.

"The south end of Myrtle Beach and the south end of the Grand Strand has been in dire need of upgrading facilities to accommodate more and more tourists," He said.

He says the change is coming at the perfect time because of everything that this south strand has to offer. Now guests at Springmaid Resort will be as close as they ever were to staples like the beach and state park, but the will be a stone's throw away from places like the Market Common.

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