Carolina Forest Civic Association not worried about slow fundraising start

Carolina Forest Civic Association not worried about slow fundraising start

CAROLINA FOREST, SC (WMBF) - With construction project after construction project, the roads in Carolina Forest are looking better than ever.

The problem is, some of the medians never got that same face lift. Now, the Carolina Forest Civic association wants to change that, and it needs your help. "Everybody kick in a few bucks and let's try to make the place look pretty," said local Jerry Thompson.

In December, the association announced it wants to beautify some of the medians on Carolina Forest Boulevard and River Oaks Drive.

To help fund the project, the group set up a "Gofundme" page online. The goal is to raise $30,000, but so far, not one cent has been raised.

"$30,000 today is not a real lot of money, when you spread it out amongst all the people that live on and off Carolina Forest Blvd," Thompson said.

Thompson has lived in the area for nearly a decade and says he doesn't see why people wouldn't donate. He says the medians will make the roads look much better, and they could even improve property values.

The civic association says it isn't worried at this point because the group is undergoing some changes and will push the fundraising effort more in February. "I think the returns that you're going to get for your money are well worth the 10, maybe 15, $20 a year that you maybe throw into the coffers of the association," he said.

Other folks say they feel the money could go to something more productive like sidewalks, but right now that's not included in this project.

The $30,000 may also not even be enough to finish the whole beautification project itself, but that money goes a long way when everyone is chipping in. "The government isn't gonna [sic] do it all, individuals have to kick in a little bit," Thompson said.

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