Reassessment Appeal Deadline Approaching

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - If you wish you could save money on your property taxes you're time to possibly change the tax value of property is running out.

A couple months ago you may of received a letter from the Horry County Assessor's Office with the reassessment of your property. If you want to appeal the new tax value of your home, the deadline is January 15th.

For the first time, across the board in Horry County, real estate property values are down. Many still saw an increase in taxes because the new assessed value of your home is higher than the tax value you were paying.

About 250,000 properties in Horry County were re-evaluated. Even with the hundreds of thousands of properties seeing a property tax increase, the number of appeals made to date is less than a normal reassessment year. The assessment office has only seen about 4,000 appeals so far. The last reassessment they received about 19,000 appeals. However, the Horry County Assessor says he expects to get a number of last minute appeals in the last weeks left.

"Some of your markets have come back more than others, some have no come back. as well, so that's the reason why we had the county wide decrease, the recession, it was a result of the recession and how property values have decreased and come back from the last reassessment that occurred," says Rendell Mincey, Horry County Assessor.

If you want to appeal the new appraisals all you have to do is write a letter, but what the evidence you provide the assessors office with to support your case is what will make that process go a lot quicker.When submitting your appeal letter, the more evidence you have the better.

"You know if they know names or they may not know tax cap numbers but there's information of course on our website that allow them to retrieve information about the property they are comparing to that would be helpful," explains Mincey.

If you are submitting an appeal take a look at the Horry County property report card to make sure the square footage and number of bathrooms are correct. This could increase the value. Also, talk with your neighbors about their appraisals. You can even check out their tax bills online – it's public information. Compare your home with their. Make sure you were given all your tax breaks. Last two things you should do is if you had an appraisal done in the last year, send that in as well as getting a local Realtor to do a market analysis for you.

Once you have all that information send it to the Horry County assessors office by January 15th if your value increased by less than 1,000 dollars. If it increased by more than 1,000 your deadline was this past Monday the 29th. However you can still submit if now and they will review it for next year.

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