Restaurant Scorecard: DHEC inspectors score area restaurants

Restaurant Scorecard: DHEC inspectors score area restaurants

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Now that the holidays are over, see how area eateries scored on Restaurant Scorecard this week.

First, we're taking a look at Chestnut Hill in Myrtle Beach.

The restaurant earned a high score of a 96, but a few points were deducted for a few violations.

Bags were in boxes, which was stored on the floor behind the bar.

Scoop handles were stored in bulk foods, inspectors said.

The report stated the trash can in an employee restroom wasn't covered.

And the floor is in poor repair in front of the bar's ice machine, according to DHEC.

The Clubhouse Food and Spirits restaurant in Myrtle Beach earned a B grade.

Inspectors gave the restaurant an overall score of 80.

Some of the infractions were no paper towels at the hand sink, as noted in the report.

The interior of the microwaves were dirty, officials said. The hood and filters are dirty, and the walls are dirty around the cooking equipment.

Finish Line Grill in Little River made top grade with an overall score of 95.

The five-point deduction came from just a few problems, inspectors said.

According to the report, a scoop was found without a handle in the ice bin.

Its three-bin sink was found with grime build up, and some of the shelves had grease build up, when DHEC dropped in.

Inspectors also stopped in North Myrtle Beach at Vila Tuscana.

The Italian restaurant earned an overall score of 89, which is still considered an A.

Some of the infractions included dirty microwaves, an unlabeled chemical bottle, and a dirty floor under the fryer, inspectors noted in the report.

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