Horry County suing former company in charge of boat landing cameras

Horry County suing former company in charge of boat landing cameras

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Towards the end of the summer, Horry County entered a contract with a company to put in surveillance cameras at boat landings all around the area. Now, nearly six months later, money has been paid, promises have been made, and the cameras are still nowhere to be found.

Because of those broken promises, Horry County is now taking its problems into the courtroom.

Earlier this week, the county filed a lawsuit against Wildfire Connections, the company it hired to install the cameras.

That lawsuit says Horry County paid more than $65,000 at the end of the summer and made it clear time was of the essence.

In November, the company's CEO reportedly told the county that nothing had been built or done at any of the boat landings. Because of this, the county is pursuing counts like fraud, breach of contract, conversion, and more.

The lawsuit also says the county wants its money back, which Wildfire is reportedly refusing to return or repay.

WMBF News was able to speak to anyone on either side of the legal battle. Horry County chose not to comment and Wildfire Connections could not be reached.

The lawsuit does not mean the end of the boat landing cameras. Horry County recently found a new vendor and entered into a $48,000 contract to make sure all the cameras are installed.

That company is TYCO and it should finish up all camera installations by the end of the month.

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