Bringing in New Year at Market Common

Bringing in New Year at Market Common

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Hundreds of people gathered in the streets of The Market Common to bring in 2015.

Many people got to see the ball drop for the very first time in person, Wednesday night.

"Not live, just on T.V.," Chris Little said. Chris little explained she and her husband usually stay home on New Year's Eve.

"I am excited to see that I'm already prepared to take a picture of it and send it to my daughter," Little added.

Others attended the event last year, one family, very familiar with the real Times Square. "Figure you know, we escape standing in Times Square in New York City to come to a more relaxed version of Times Square," Donnie Deixler said. Deixler is visiting the area from New York.

While Market Common is known for its restaurants, shops, and bars, organizers this year say they've really tried to have something for every age group. "We're trying to do things that make it family friendly, so you can bring your children or your adult friends and that everyone can have a little bit of fun," said Heather Gray, General Manager of The Market Common.

Many people took notice to the changes. "Seems like it's safe, police are everywhere," one man said.

Myrtle Beach Police worked the event with their police tower. From the top of the tower, officers could zoom in on anyone's face, even those on the complete opposite side of the celebration. Police were also easy to spot wearing bright yellow jackets standing in groups throughout the event.

Event goers also had no problem finding distractions from the cold for their kids. "There's a lot going on a lot for the kids," one man exclaimed.

Organizers say there are mimes, face painters, street entertainers, statues coming to life and arcade games. "I usually go play like the arcade games and stuff like that, get some popcorn or whatever," Charli Deixler said.

Organizers believe it's all about bringing people together and giving people a place to gather safely. "It's amazing how crowds like to gather, and celebrate, together, as if it's one big party, but really, no one knows each other," Gray said.

Just after the ball dropped, people watched the fireworks, another new addition to this year.

Gray hopes the Southern Times Square will really catch on and be the "go-to event" for New Year's Eve celebrations.

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