Major work to begin updating Great Pee Dee River Bridge

Construction delays on I 95

FLORENCE COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Major road work has caused traffic tie-ups along I-95 near the Great Pee Dee River Bridge.

The bridge is more than 40 years old and crews say it needs repairs.

Next week, repairs will be made along the Great Pee Dee River Bridge.

The project will take a few days and is the beginning of road repair projects for months to come.

Lorena Pate, Assistant District Maintenance Engineer said crews are "going to shut down the right hand lane, northbound. Contractors are going to go in and fix that panel that has all the problems in it."

Pate is talking about the northbound bridge running over the Great Pee  Dee River.

The bridge sits on the county line in between Dillon and Florence County.

This hole is one of the issues that was recently repaired, additional repairs will cause traffic tie-ups as early as next Tuesday


SCDOT is spending $1.5 million to make these updates as needed.

" It will be shut down for three days. The interstate will be open. It will be one lane of travel. And he's {contractor} going to repair those spots temporarily until we can get them permanently repaired when the weather gets better," Pate said.

Pate said the contractor will be working to fill areas that are beginning to chip away, but the work taking place next week is just a band aid before a major bridge update schedule

d to begin

early this spring.

"They'll fix the one side first, repair it all the way. They'll take the deck out, replace the rebar put new concrete in,"

Pate said.

This means


traffic will be down to one lane heading north bound over the Great Pee Dee.

As work on one lane is complete, traffic will then be shifted onto the new and improved lane and then crews will begin working on the other.

Pate said extensive repair will have to wait until after winter, but the DOT plans to have the entire North Bound bridge fully repaired before tourism season really ramps up. W

hile crews are working to make the bridge safer your help is needed.

"If you see people on the interstate working in the work zones, we need to make sure that we go correct speed limit and not fly through the work zones because those are family members out there working on the roadways,"

Pate said.

When that work is happening you may see highway patrol out helping to direct traffic and make sure all speed signs are being followed.

Over the next year and half, other parts of 95 will see some work too, as that $1.5 million contract is used, as needed to repair any bumps in the road.

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