Potholes prevail in Horry County

Potholes prevail in Horry County

Horry County, SC (WMBF) - While you've been driving, you have probably noticed potholes beginning to wear on roads.

Be extra vigilant as the cold weather continues to move in mixing with wetter days, as more potholes will start to form.

Potholes were found on Highway 501, Highway 17 and many secondary roads.

Potholes could cost you some cash.

"You'll either have inner tire wear or outer tire wear," said Barry Abrams, Manager at C&G Auto.

C&G Auto mechanics said potholes can cost drivers thousands of dollars.

“If you hit a pothole severe enough, it will knock the front end out of line and when you let go of the steering wheel, instead of the steering wheel staying straight, it will actually want to pull to the right,” Abrams said.

If your car begins to pull, you'll want to get it fixed immediately. Abrams said overtime you could end up shelling out major cash.

While you are on the lookout for the nuisances so are county officials.

”Pothole complaints we get for the county is actually a year-round issue that we face,” Lisa Bourcier, Horry County Spokesperson said.

Bourcier said during colder, wetter months more and more potholes begin to appear.

Bourcier said there is funding set aside each year for road maintenance, which includes filling these holes as they appear.

“We do have money in the budget for road maintenance, when it comes to pothole maintenance and dirt roads. Again, we have a lot of dirt roads and they get diminished especially during a lot of rain,” Bourcier said.

Bourcier added that there is money set aside for a total road re-paving, but that is only used once a road has deteriorated beyond pothole repair.

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