Nielsen: Top 10 smartphone apps of 2014

Nielsen: Top 10 smartphone apps of 2014

(WMBF) - Facebook ranked #1 among all smartphone apps in 2014.

Apparently, staying connected - whether it's messaging, videos or via news feeds - remains the center focus among consumers, according to Nielsen.

"The Facebook app had over 118 million average unique users each month," according to the global information and measurement company. "Google Search came in second with about 90 million average unique users, followed by YouTube with 88 million average unique users."

Overall, Google apps showed up most on the list with six apps named on the list.

Instagram and music apps, like iTunes Radio and iCloud, took ninth and tenth spots.


1. Facebook

2. Google Search

3. YouTube

4. Google Play

5. Google Maps

6. Gmail

7. Facebook Messenger

8. Google+

9. Instagram

10. Music (iTunes Radio/iCloud)

Source: Nielsen. Note: The list is ranked on average unique audience, which is the average of January 2014-October 2014. The year-over-year percent change represents the unique audience of October 2014 compared to the unique audience of October 2013.

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