Entire neighborhood mourns the loss of Jayden Morrison

Entire neighborhood mourns the loss of Jayden Morrison

LITTLE RIVER, SC (WMBF) - The body of Jayden Morrison was found in the backyards of the very people searching for him.

Despite the holidays, neighbors say nothing could have stopped them from joining the search for the young boy. Neighbors searched through the rain, Christmas Eve, and Christmas day for four-year-old Jayden Morrison.

Jackie Tyndall spent two days searching for Jayden and as she prepared to make it a third day, she saw police gathered by the pond behind her home. "They found him this morning behind my house, which it devastated me when I saw the yellow tape come out, and I was in my sun room looking out, and then they pulled the little body out," Tyndall sobbed.

Jackie Tyndall was among the several hundred volunteers searching day and night for Jayden. "I came out as soon as they put him in the body bag and they were pulling him up, putting him out there and trying to get him out as soon as they could but it's going to haunt me for a while," Tyndall explained. Tyndall has a three-year-old grandson and couldn't help but imagine what the family could be going through.

Another neighbor, Art McDonald, also has a grandson and felt he had to do something when Jayden went missing Wednesday night. "I covered that whole creek, the backyards across the street, but I couldn't find him," he said. At the same time, McDonald was scared of what he may find and hoped someone else would find him.

Hundreds of people were out searching every inch of the neighborhood for two days. "Low and behold I did not know that he could be behind my house because there were lots of people that walked out there and looked and flashlights... even the first night when we were all out," Tyndall said.

Neighbors say the timing of it all makes it that much more heart breaking. "Christmas eve, yeah, Christmas eve, Christmas Day, I mean, you know, other people are celebrating with their families and here are these poor people out looking for a lost child," McDonald said.

Right now the family believes Jayden walked out the front door while his grandmother was watching him.

Neighbors want the family to know they are there for anything they may need and they are hoping they aren't blaming themselves.

"We as grandparents, we're always going to look for avenues for what we could have done to avoid the accident. and I wish she wouldn't blame herself because it could have happened to anybody, anywhere," McDonald said.

Jayden's mother was not ready to speak but she did give a comment, thanking those who helped search and thanking the media for getting the word out that her baby was missing.

She says she is still trying to figure out why this happened.

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