Signs continue to be posted illegally to utility poles in Florence County

Signs continue to be posted illegally to utility poles in Florence County

FLORENCE COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Advertisements continue to cover portions of utility posts around Florence County even though it's illegal to put anything on the poles.

Florence County code of ordinances bans any signs attached to telephone or utility poles.

Each post has its own individual number that the workers need to read to navigate the electric system, said Jeff Singletary, vice president of marketing at Pee Dee Electric Cooperative.

"If it's something that's in our way and it's going to obstruct us from being able to do something to the pole or see the numbers, yes, we do remove them or we have to ask the homeowner, the landowner to remove them," Singletary said.

Although Pee Dee Electric Cooperative generally uses a cherry picker truck to get workers up to the wires, sometimes, they'll have to climb the pole.

"You could have some issues with the nails," Singletary said. "They use all kinds of different things to hang signs, so there could be some staples in there and it could hurt someone."

The Florence County code of ordinances states signs can be placed on the ground if they are out of the right of way and not within five feet of a street or curb.

That's what Neal Berberich said he did for his automotive company. He said he had about 600 signs on the ground around the Florence County area.

"I kind of drove my route where I had my signs posted on stands and happened to see that my signs were missing," Berberich said.

He said other signs were posted on the light poles near where his went missing. He said he's hoping to see better code enforcement.

"The signs are still everywhere and being posted on a regular basis," he said. "You can't turn a corner without seeing one of these signs."

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