Prepare students for finals, keep them sharp over winter break with fun

Prepare students for finals, keep them sharp over winter break with fun

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The holiday season means family time, especially because kids are out of school. Educators with Horry County Schools say when the bell rings on the last day of class and kids walk out the door for Christmas break, in many cases a chunk of what they learned stays behind in the classroom.

If the kids drop their backpack at the door when they get home and don't pick it up again until classes start it could affect their grades. Many schools have their final exams before winter break, but because Horry County Schools start later than most their exams are after students return from the holidays.

The last thing students want to do is make winter break about studying. That's why it's up to you to help them.

The opportunity to educate your kids is all around you, inside and outside your home and even in the car, you just have to take the time to realize it and point it out.

"Anything that you do with your child can be fun and educational," says Woody Goff, the Education Coordinator for the Children's Museum of South Carolina. "You just have to know what way to come at it."

"It may be that you visit a museum, or you travel to another city and take in some sights and learn a little bit of history," says parent Yvette Jefferson.

The Grand Strand has sights, history and museums like the Children's Museum of South Carolina, where kids can learn while they enjoy themselves.

"Education can be fun," Goff says. "It's all about going out and exploring the world around you. And when you're exploring the world around you, you're learning. You're taking in facts and knowledge."

Christmas is a good opportunity to give your kids an educational present without being suspicious. Teachers say board games, puzzles, art kits, even putting together a train under the tree will get their brains working.

Or you can get out of the house.

"Going to a library, going to the park," Goff continues. "Going for a walk on the beach and seeing if you can identify the different types of shells that have washed up. Winter is a great time for waterfowl. So, taking a trip to one of the state parks, and seeing the different ducks and birds that are there, and identifying those are all great ways and great outings to keep your mind sharp in to stay active as far as learning goes."

Because once students return from break, teachers say they will be in crunch mode, reviewing material your kids are expected to remember before exams begin.

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