Low gas prices fuel holiday travel

Low gas prices fuel holiday travel

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF)- Experts predict a record breaking holiday season with over 50,000 more South Carolina drivers to hit the road this year compared to last.

Experts say these low prices, are what's behind a record breaking amount of people choosing to drive to their holiday destinations this year."1.3 million people that are going to be on the roads this holiday season," predicted Myrtle Beach AAA Branch Manager, Tracie Lawrence.

Their latest press release breaks down some of the lowest gas prices across the state. In Myrtle Beach, prices are as low as $2.24 per gallon. Lawrence explains that the latest statistics show about fifty thousand more people will be getting behind the wheel this coming week in South Carolina.

"It drops the price down to about 65 dollars to fill it up now, so it helps a lot," Billie Richardson said. Richardson is used to paying 80 or more to fill up his SUV, but now he drives away from the pump happy.

At Henry's Mini Mart in Conway, gas has officially dropped to $1.99 per gallon. "For the first time in quite a long time there's a lot more supply out there so because of that it's keeping the prices lower," Lawrence said. Lawrence explains a lot of people in our area are making their way up north for the holidays.

Lawrence says the way these holidays line up at the end of the year, gives people the choice compared to a shorter holiday such as Thanksgiving. "It's really too long to drive that distance, and spend any time, so if you've got a week and a half all of the sudden it opens up that opportunity," Lawrence explained. Lawrence says the most traveled days are December 23, all the way through January 4, but some drivers are already filling up for their drive.

Bob Hornak spent just $20 on Friday. Hornak and his wife are leaving Saturday with more than just a full tank. "Well, it gives us a few more dollars to spend on the grandchildren," Hornak said.

Lawrence wants to remind drivers to make sure their car has been serviced before starting a long holiday road trip. She says checking tire pressure, having a spare tire, and making sure wind shield wipers are in good condition should be at the top of every drivers check list before leaving.

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