Extra Point Grand Strand Player of the Year: Kyle Belack, Myrtle Beach

Extra Point Grand Strand Player of the Year: Kyle Belack, Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) - He led the Grand Strand in receiving with over 1200 yards and 69 receptions. He averaged over 17 yards per reception and he had one game this season with 233 receiving yards and four touchdowns, a Seahawks football record. For his efforts, Kyle Belack earned the Extra Point Grand Strand Player of the Year award.

"Coming into it, I really wasn't looking for stats," reflected Belack. "I mean coming to Myrtle Beach, you only think of one thing and that's putting up another banner at the Doug Shaw stadium, state championship."

This season, the Seahawks came up short of that goal but the versatile Belack proved sometimes the best wide-outs also make good defensive backs; recording three interceptions including a pick-6 in his first foray on that side of the ball. Offensively, what makes Belack's production this season so remarkable is that he's on a team loaded with weapons."

"We all came out here all the time and just threw countless, countless amount of hours but most people don't understand how much time and extra work we put in to get to the point where we were at," said Belack.

But it's not the grueling hours of work or shortcomings that Belack will miss next season when steps on the field wearing a different shade of green for the Ohio University Bobcats.

"I'm going to miss it. Just being here for one season and only getting to experience that for one season sucks but at the same time it's great. I mean getting to run out to the champ is here, the huge inflatable helmet, the Astroturf, having the jam-packed stadium, fireworks, chrome-helmets, I mean it's really special."

Belack plans to graduate from Myrtle Beach high school early in order to be eligible for Spring Practice with the Bobcats football team.

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