Consider This: Thanks, Dr. Elsberry

Consider This: Thanks, Dr. Elsberry

Dr. Cindy Elsberry, Superintendent for Horry County Schools, has resigned her position as the head of Horry County's public education system. Neither she nor the school board can comment on the reasons for her departure and many people are questioning her severance package.

Consider This:

My children attend Horry County Schools and I have been impressed with the education they have received. That's not to say that there are not things that I have questioned and teachers who should probably consider another profession, but the overall experience has been positive. I give much of the credit to the leadership of Dr. Elsberry. In fact, she has not only been a positive influence on the children of Horry County, she has also been a leader when it comes to economic development. One of the first questions developers get when recruiting a business is about the educational system. We're lucky that those recruiters can share a very positive picture to help lure those businesses to locate here.

So regardless of the reasons she is leaving, or the unknowns of her severance package, I would like to say thanks to Dr. Elsberry for leaving Horry County better than she found it.

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