Student Spotlight: Hemingway teen strives for straight A's

Student Spotlight: Hemingway teen strives for straight A's

HEMINGWAY, SC (WMBF) - Seventeen-year-old Haley Miller says her strategy for high school success is to stay busy.

"I cheered my sophomore year, I ran cross country, 8th, 9th and 10th grade year and I played varsity softball one year - and I've been playing volley ball since 7th grade," Miller says.

Besides sports, she's the activity committee chair for the Carver Bay High School student council, she's in several academic organizations including the National Honor Society and Nu Alpha Theta, and she does her best to maintain her goal of straight A's.

"I got my first B in tenth grade and that was hard," she said.

But outside of grades and school activities, the bright young lady will tell you one of her favorite ways to stay busy is by helping others.

"Nothing is more fulfilling than that, she said. "I love to stay busy and see a smile on people's faces when you do something nice for them and not for recognition but just to see them happy."

"Happy" is exactly how Miller described herself, along with perky and energetic. She says those qualities run in the family.

"I probably get them from my mom because she is such a huge inspiration and has played a huge role in my life," said Miller, who went on to say her grandmother has also had a huge influence.

"My father's mother is the happiest person I know, and she tries to help everyone in the community," she said.

Miller has been accepted to four Universities: CCU, Francis-Marion, USC, and Clemson. She plans to major in computer finance and thanks to her grades, she's helping her parents with a big break on tuition.

"I've tried to always keep my grades up throughout my entire high school career to make that load easier because they have always supported me," she said.

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