Conway residents call low gas prices early gift

Conway residents call low gas prices early gift

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - It's not much of a pain at the pump these days - more like a relief. According to AAA, South Carolina gas prices could fall below the $2 dollar mark going into the new year.

The Conway-Aynor area seems to be seeing the lowest gas prices, at $2.18 per unleaded gallon.

Some residents are calling the prices an early gift.

The last time one driver saw prices this low was “...17, 18 years ago… easily."

“Probably 10 years ago... I think?” Victoria Johnson said, laughingly.

“It's been many years - I can't remember the last time it was,” another driver said as he pondered in his mind for a moment.

Some Conway residents can't recall the last time they saw gas prices this low, and for them it doesn't even matter, as long as the prices keep falling in the near future.

“I filled up actually a couple of days ago, and it went from like $60 to $45, especially when you drive an SUV, it is a lot more expensive and I am very grateful for the lower prices,” Johnson said.

The savings are even fueling more decisions to travel. Johnson said, “We're going to be going to North Carolina so it's going to cut down on that cost, so it just kind of helps out all around.”

“We have been filling up a whole lot more lately because we are running around going out, seeing grand kids, friends, and family, but usually we don't go far because of the price of gas,” said one couple who was dining at a local Conway restaurant.

According to AAA, South Carolina is one of five states with the lowest gas prices Both Gas Buddy Analysts and AAA believe South Carolina will join the "Under $2.00 Club" for gas by the new year.

“Everybody is going to flourish because of gas prices going down, when everything gets expensive, everybody stays home, nothing flourishes,” said “Tiny,” a local resident and motorist.

He believes when the gas prices take a dip, local businesses see a jump. “Gas prices go down, everybody can get out, a lot of the smaller things you don't realize like your local bar, your local restaurant anything like that, even McDonalds - everything is going to go up a little bit,” Tiny said.

Crude oil is down to its lowest point in more than six years and experts say it is because of the increase in North America's production, and the slower consumption because of sluggish economies in Europe and Asia,

More fuel efficient cars, and a stronger dollar are all contributing factors.

Tiny adds, “It's amazing what happens when that [gas prices] goes down, the whole world changes when gas goes's as simple as that."

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