Local golf courses hope Big Break will make Grand Strand a more coveted golf destination

Local golf courses hope Big Break will make Grand Strand a more coveted golf destination

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Eleven episodes, nearly five different courses, and more than 3 million viewers watching are part of the Big Break Myrtle Beach movement.

It's safe to say Big Break Myrtle Beach has been a success for not only Barefoot Resort, but courses all around the Grand Strand.

"We knew we were onto something big, we just didn't realize the scope of it until getting into it," said Rich Bartram with Barefoot Resort and Golf.

Bartram says it's too early to tell how big an impact the show will have on the spring golf season, but if the buzz around the show keeps up, there's no telling what could happen.

"Every day, we have request after request of people wanting to play the golf courses that were seen on the Golf Channel," He said.

What has surprised Barefoot the most is how closely the viewers are watching. Not only are they calling about playing specific courses, but they even remember specific holes and challenges.

"We've already had a few of our members questioning about the infamous love course ruins on number four, where they chipped through the window," said Bartram. "We've been having some of our members been going out and trying to replicate that."

He says the exposure creating interest in the Grand Strand is hard to quantify.

On top of the shows, he believes Myrtle Beach will forever live on through all the other outlets the Golf Channel has. He believes not only will that help this spring season, but the exposure could bring Myrtle Beach back its rightful crown.

"I feel like it's gonna separate us and get us back to being America's favorite golf destination," he said.

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