Homeowners adjusting to highway 707 construction

Homeowners adjusting to highway 707 construction

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - For around two months now, tractors and workers have been digging up the area next to Highway 707 as the first phase of the widening project.

Eventually Donna Watts' street will be completely redone, 707 will be wider, and sidewalks will surround the busy road. She says while she opposed the project at first, the only thing she can do now is wait for it all to be over.  

"Sometimes you just have to live with the changes, you know, progress is gonna come no matter what," said Watts.

While she may not agree with every part of the project, there is one part that could benefit her and many other drivers trying to get onto the highway. 
She says the bend in the road forces her to turn on 707 blindly sometimes, which can be downright dangerous. 

"It's hard to see around the curve so it's hard to see what's coming," She said.  "If somebody's traveling a little bit too fast and they're on you and you don't really have time to get out before you make them mad."

With the plans, crews are expected to make that part safer by changing where her street turns onto 707.  No plan is perfect though, so it will have it repercussions. 

"It'll change our evenings probably because the lights are gonna shine right in our window when people turn into the road," She said. 

Watts says they may not be happy with the whole plan, but she does agree the highway has needed an update for a while now. The changes may change her day to day, but she says she and her other neighbors will just roll through the punches until it is all over. 

According to the county's original plans for the widening project, the project will wrap up around the end of 2017 or beginning of 2018. 

As for right now, crews will continue to work on the drainage, and then summer 2015 they should start work on curbs and sidewalks around the road.

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