3 suspects wanted for armed robbery in Myrtle Beach

3 suspects wanted for armed robbery in Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Surveillance cameras captured video of three men accused of armed robbery. The video, from the night of the crime, shows the three men appearing to work together in an armed robbery, police say.

Myrtle Beach Police say the three men walked into the Circle K Store at 1611 South Kings Highway at 9:07 p.m. Thursday.

Surveillance video shows one man standing by the door to make sure no one was coming, police said.

"It appears to us, through video surveillance, and evidence we gathered from the scene, that one of the subjects was acting as a lookout," Lieutenant Joey Crosby said. 

Later in the video, police say it shows the man standing by the door, as he stands guard, police say the other two went for the clerk.

"One of the subjects presented a handgun to the clerk and assaulted the clerk,"

Then, police say the video shows one of the suspects hopping the counter.

"The third male subject, he also assaulted the clerk and then went behind the counter and took money and merchandise from the store," Crosby said.

The video shows the assault on the clerk. One of the men chokes him until he opens the register.

Police say the surveillance shows two of the suspects taking money from the register, grabbing the beer, and running out.

Lt. Crosby explained the clerk did the right thing by listening to the suspects and opening the register. 

"Do not resist what they are saying, give them what they want, and do exactly what you're told to do," Crosby said.

Lt. Crosby says it's all about being the best possible witness and staying safe.

He understands late night convenience stores can become a target for crime and recommends extra lighting, and having more than one employee on at a time.

"Just take a little extra precaution making sure that your windows aren't covered up so that when we as police drive through the parking lot, we can look at the store clerk, and make sure he or she is OK during their shift," Crosby said.

If you recognize these men or have any information at all you are urged to call the Myrtle Beach Police Department right away at 843-918-1382 or Detective J. Fullwood at 843-918-1902.

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