Student Spotlight: 17-year-old looks toward success despite death of her mother

Mullins student Teilia Snowden in this week's Student Spotlight

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - 17-year-old Teilia Snowden is poised and polite as she heads to class, ready to learn at Mullins High School.

"Some others would describe me as being intelligent because I take a lot of pride in my academics," she said.

Teilia is expecting an A in her Spanish 2 class, just like all of her other classes. After all, she's in the National Honor Society and hopes to make Beta Club; but underneath the academics, Teilia is dealing with a tragedy.

"My mom passed last year - August 30, 2013, and that has been a struggle since me and my mom were very tight," she explained.

Teilia says she and her mother were inseparable. Now she lives with other family members and says it's hard, but her mom taught her a very important lesson before she died.

"No matter how hard the situation is, always keep your head up because something hard will always be thrown your way and you have to know how to get through it," said the wise 12th grader.

Teilia gets through with the help of Ms. Davenport, a teacher at the school whose taken a liking to her. Davenport helps Teilia stay on track academically for the future and when the going gets tough emotionally.

"I'm very appreciative that Ms. Davenport saw enough in me to be there so that says a lot about who she is and who I am," Teilia said.

Teilia is a young lady with a good head on her shoulder who is about to graduate and enlist in the Navy. She wants to be a journalist or a lawyer, hen one day come back home to Mullins and give back.

"You're never supposed to forget where you come from," she said.

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