Horry County unveils new 911 dispatch system

Horry County unveils new 911 dispatch system

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – Consistent care, standards of service, rapid response; a handful of goals for the 911 dispatchers manning the phones in Conway. Now, a new dispatch system will get the help to you quicker.

Every emergency ambulance in the county is dispatched from the Horry County E911 Center in Conway. The Medical Priority Dispatch System, or MPDS, will assist dispatchers in getting those ambulances where they need to go.

According to a press release, dispatchers using the newly implemented system will follow nationally recognized standards, give universal and consistent care to every caller, and gather critical emergency call information for responders.

The Horry County 911 Director, Toni Bessent, explained all of that information will be placed in the CAD system. "Which will be available for our emergency responders in a much more standardized way. So, if they're looking for a specific piece of information it will always be in the same place," Bessent added.

In addition, the system and training will assist dispatchers to identify life-threatening situations and safely prioritize calls for appropriate and fast response.

"The calls will be there for us to analyze and see how we're doing and who needs additional training," said Bessent.

"The constantly evolving Priority Dispatch System, or PDS, will help provide the highest standard of care to the community, allowing Emergency Medical Dispatchers to better manage limited resources and increase the accuracy and efficiency of the dispatching process," reads the press release.

The system requires continual training and recertification.?

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