Long road of construction in store for Glenn's Bay project

Long road of construction in store for Glenn's Bay project
HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - More cones and construction are headed your way, if your daily drive takes you on US-17 Bypass or Glenn's Bay Road.

Glenn's Bay Road is the next project pennies are going toward from the Ride II Penny Sales Tax, and work is already underway.

"Traffic gets really backed up, it's hard to get in and out if you're going to the gas station or this plaza, eggs up food lion for example,” said Mary Rose, manager of Eggs Up Grill. "Everyone's excited for it to come and for them to widen the road."

Eggs Up Grill employees are looking to the end of the road, when more people will be able to drive down Glenn's Bay to get to the restaurant.

For now, Glenn's Bay Road is a two-lane road. It will eventually be five lanes from US-17 Bypass to Spanish Oak Drive. It will also have sidewalks. From Spanish Oak the road will drop to four lanes, then turn into a three lane cross section from Kessinger Drive to US-17 Business.

That's only one part of the project. While the widening takes place, that second part of the project will be underway. This is the interchange at 17 Bypass and Glenn's Bay Road. What you'll eventually see is a bridge to get traffic free flowing on the bypass.

"People can kind of think of the interchange project a little bit like the backgate, how we have to build the ramps first to move traffic out of the way to start the bridge work,” said Horry County Spokesperson Lisa Bourcier. “It's gonna function more like 17 and 544 as far as the traffic patterns and the ramps.”

Through the span of the three year project the county recommends drivers avoid using the road unless you need to get to local businesses. There will be signs up reminding you to use alternate routes to get between US-17 Bypass and Business, like the Garden City Connector and Highway 544.

The Construction Timeline

Crews have already begun clearing Glenn's Bay Road and this part of the project has come with slight delays from flagging. County leaders say those delays should be gone next week.

Building the bridge on the bypass, will be done in parts, similar to what we saw at the backgate.

After clearing and relocating is finished next spring, crews will ease into building the foundation of  the interchange. We won't actually see traffic shift onto the bridge until summer of 2016.

The entire bridge will be good to go by this time, three years from now.

While this is going on, Glenn's Bay widening will be happening, at the same time.

Next spring crews will begin working on utilities. They will then move to storm drains, sidewalks and paving. This will take place in sections from US-17 business to US-17 bypass. This work, will also be done in winter of 2017.

"A lot of people will ask, will traffic be worse than what it currently is now,” said Bourcier. “If you travel Glenn's Bay its very heavily traveled, a lot of backups so I don't believe it will be any worse than what it currently is now."

County leaders say both lanes on Glenn's Bay Road must stay open during the day and any closures must happen overnight, just like we saw with the backgate.

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