Memorial held for 'Baby Boy Horry,' one of county's few unidentified cases

Memorial held for 'Baby Boy Horry,' one of county's few unidentified cases

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Instead of celebrating Christmas this month, a six year old is being remembered for the life he never had the chance to have. His nickname is Baby Boy Horry. He was discovered on December 4th, 2008 as a newborn, dead and abandoned off of Highway 544.

Horry County Coroner Robert Edge continues to hold memorials in the baby's name, but he worries the mother is no longer in the area.

He believes she could have been a student at the college or perhaps a tourist traveling through, she may have been scared to tell her family about her pregnancy or may not have had the resources to take care of a child.

"I keep hoping every day something will change," Coroner Robert Edge said at the memorial.

Determined to find answers, Robert Edge plans to bring the story of Baby Boy Horry to national networks.

"We need to find out who he is. He needs to be given his rightful name," agreed Captain Buchanan with the Horry County Police Department. He also attended the memorial with many of his officers and detectives.

The coroner's team recently solved another case involving an unidentified woman. It took nearly four years to track down her identity and her family.

"People will tell you a little something, sometimes it's fruitful, sometimes it is not," explained Edge.

With computer software compiling a picture of the facial structure of an Asian woman found off of Palmetto Pointe Boulevard, his deputy coroner Tamara Williard successfully found the woman's identity and her family just this year.

"There was a husband I think in Mississippi, and she was able to get in touch with him so he is making a decision about her remains," recalled Edge.

It gives him hope in solving the case of Baby Boy Horry, along with another cold case. Last year a woman with a tattoo of a sunset and a dolphin was found washed ashore on the beach.

"You wonder where their families are and if they don't miss them," said Edge.

For the coroner and the Horry County Police Department, solving these cases is twofold; most importantly to bring closure to the family, but also justice.

"If there are criminal acts, definitely to give justice to that person," Capt. Buchanan said.

The death and discovery of Baby Boy Horry also sparked change within our community, including the creation of HC Teens and Infants Shelter. In three short years, the shelter has helped 100 girls.

"We provide housing, baby needs, mommy needs, education, work training, everything that is needed for them to get on their own," explained Lorretta Keeling with the shelter.

Keeling explained the discovery of Baby Boy Horry was key in developing the shelter because at that time there was nothing available to young moms.

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