Family mourns death of young daughter after car crash

Family mourns death of young daughter after car crash
An account has been started for the memorial of Katelynn Carbino.
An account has been started for the memorial of Katelynn Carbino.

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The family and friends of 20-year-old Katelynn Carbino began to cope with their loss after Carbino was killed on her way to class at Coastal Carolina University Tuesday afternoon.

Just a day after losing their daughter in a car accident, the Carbino's seem to have a revolving door as friends and family members come to console parents Bryan and Whanda.

Though Katelynn was their only child, they'd tell you, her best friend, Nichols Loomis, became part of the family. 

Loomis couldn't return to school after Thanksgiving break without saying bye to Katleynn. 

"We stayed and saw her. I'm just really happy she was around," Loomis cried.

Loomis explained, she thought it was going to be their quick goodbye because after all, they text and call each other constantly, and she would be seeing her in a few weeks for winter break.

Instead, Loomis said Katelynn insisted she come inside, to braid Loomis' hair.

Loomis remembered thinking it was random, but went with it anyway. She says the two laughed as the braid started to come out worse and worse.

The two hugged and said goodbye.

Loomis was back at school when she got the call from Katelynn's mom, Wanda.

"I kind of didn't want to believe it at first. I thought someone was going to call back and say 'oh you're getting punked,' because, that's kind of something Katelynn would do," Loomis said.

Loved ones describe Katelynn as fun-loving, free-spirited, and someone who would be the first to help when you're in need. 

Loomis introduced some of what Katelynn loved most, including her puppy, Cali. 

Her family joked, saying the two grew to have the same personality. 

"She's so hyper and  all over the place. You'll tell her to sit and she'll look around and run away and eat everything... which in dog form, I guess, is like Katelynn -- hyper and all over the place," Loomis laughed.

Katelynn may be gone, but her closest friends and family agree, they will cherish the memories, even the little things forever. 

"I'm just going to miss all of the small things, like the car rides, the music and all that, just hanging out -- being friends," Loomis sobbed.

Though her parents were not ready to speak, Her father Bryan did give a statement,

"I am lost. She was my only child. I would take her place if I could without hesitation," Carbino wrote.

A GoFundMe account was set up by friends of the Carbino's to cover funeral costs, the website states.

An account has been started for the memorial of Katelynn Carbino. Patrons can send donations to Socastee High School or call Karen Thompson at 843-293-9026.

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