Consider This: Better Plan for Power Lines

It's happened in North Myrtle Beach, Conway and Myrtle Beach and now Florence will see some power lines moved underground.

Consider This:

Although it costs quite a bit to move overhead power lines and bury them, it greatly improve the aesthetics and in a downtown area it is oftentimes more practical.

Remember the ice storms earlier this year? Right, underground power lines are less susceptible to damage and you're less likely to experience an outage.

But don't expect to see those changes happening in the more residential and rural areas of the region. Because even though it would look better to bury all power lines there are several reasons that you'll see power poles and power lines across the landscape for years and years to come. In addition to the added expense of burying the line, finding a damaged power line once it is buried is much more difficult and expensive.

However, it does make sense to make than investment when it comes to the tourist areas of our region and the downtown areas. And the appearance upgrade is a nice bonus.

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