Task force getting closer to traffic plan for Memorial Day Weekend

Task force getting closer to traffic plan for Memorial Day Weekend

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - For weeks, the task force has been talking about a proposed traffic loop. Monday, the group discussed a new plan. This time it is not as large as the previous proposals.

The plan has traffic going south on Ocean Boulevard and Kings Highway and turning onto Harrelson Boulevard. Cars will then be directed on the Frontage road, under Highway 501, and onto Highway 31.

Then, cars will exit onto Robert Grissom Parkway and go back to Ocean Boulevard by 29th Avenue North.

The loop is much smaller than the previous one that spanned between Highways 544 and 22.

"It's an important piece for the planning purposes so we understand what resources we will actually need and what we'll have available," said Randy Webster with Horry County Emergency Services. "It's just one piece of this thing but it takes a lot of resources to manage, so once we know for sure that that's the plan, that's the pattern, that's the traffic management pattern, then we know what other resources we can rely on for other things."

The traffic loop was the biggest thing talked about Monday, but the task force also talked about getting all on the same page with some other parts of the safety plan. One of those things is using what they have at their disposal.

The task force talked about the possibility of using the HTC Center on the Coastal Carolina Campus as a site for several different events. One of those would be check in for incoming officers from other parts of the state.

The task force also talked about using local urgent cares for non-emergency situations for the first time. Then, officers could get those off the street and deal with more pressing matters.

Myrtle Beach Police also talked about using its neighborhood watch meetings as a way to keep the public informed.

While all the different officials spoke about these different options, the overall theme of the day was nothing will be finalized until the traffic plan is finished.

"The budget for the equipment, the barricades, the number of people that we're gonna need, the event staff that we're gonna need, the police officers that we're gonna need, all that is gonna rely heavily on a finalized plan and hopefully we'll have that by the end of this week," said Myrtle Beach Police Chief Warren Gall.

The task force is set to present the traffic plan to the Coastal Alliance this week. If approved, they can move on to all the other safety plans for Bikefest weekend.

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