Inspectors spot bugs, roaches at North Myrtle Beach buffet, give A grade

Inspectors spot bugs, roaches at North Myrtle Beach buffet, give A grade

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - You might be eating leftovers for lunch and dinner this weekend but maybe you want to take a break when it comes to cooking breakfast.

This week in Restaurant Scorecard, two pancake houses are up for review.

First up, Plantation Pancake House on South Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach score a 93, according to DHEC.
Inspectors noted the ice machine and a slicer needed cleaning. In addition, the counter under the microwave was also dirty and ceiling vents need to be cleaned, according to reports.

Pan American Pancake House, also in Myrtle Beach, did slightly better on their inspection, scoring a 94.
Inspectors said points were deducted because the inside of the dish machine needed to be clean and a broken tiling was located at entrance, according to notes.
A slicer and can opener was reportedly dirty, but was taken care of during the inspection, inspectors noted.

At Okino, in Myrtle Beach, inspectors said thermometers were missing in coolers, along with inadequate lighting in the cook line. Dish wash areas and rusted utensils were being used, as noted in the report.
The restaurant scored an A grade with 88 points.

Just doors down, at Kansas Steakhouse and Saloon, owners were cited for an outside door in the back not fitting properly and leaving gaps.
Inspectors also say there wasn't enough lighting at the cook and prep areas. The restaurant was also cited for rusted shelving in the prep area.
Kansas Steakhouse and Saloon also received an 88, an A rating.

Captain Jack's Seafood Buffet in North Myrtle Beach earned an 89.
Despite having bugs and roaches, the buffet still scored an A grade, according to DHEC standards.
Inspectors also say lights were not shielded or shatterproof over the buffet and a sink wasn't secured to the wall, according to the report.

Sea Mist Restaurant, located at 1200 South Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach, earned a 94, according to DHEC.
Inspectors said they found utensils in standing water, a dirty hand sink and dirty floors. In addition, "sides of equipment and shelves throughout the kitchen have debris build up," the report stated. According to the report, a follow-up is required within 10 days.

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