Shoppers, retailers weigh in on Thanksgiving Day shopping controversy

Shoppers, retailers weigh in on Thanksgiving Day shopping controversy

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – With stores opening for “Black Friday” earlier and earlier, many pushed back this year against the trend of shopping on Thanksgiving Day.

Boycott Black Thursday is a national push to put families first, asking shoppers to consider only spending money to support companies that support not working on Thanksgiving Day.

However, for many shoppers and employees it is an extra day to save or make extra money.

Bass Pro Shop at the Myrtle Beach Mall has been opening on Thanksgiving Day for ten years. The employees there mention they enjoy working this holiday because it gives them extra money to spend on their own holiday shopping. Managers try to keep the atmosphere fun and festive for the employees.

“We bring in dinner for our associates, we have them work shorter shifts so they can spend the day with family and we close at six o'clock so they can have dinner,” shared Chris Baker, the manager of Bass Pro Shop.

Around the same time Bass Pro Shop closed up, the line around Best Buy was building up. Customers waited for hours in line to rush in and grab up deals.

Many managers believe there will be smaller crowds Friday morning because there are bigger crowds already out on Thanksgiving Day.

For Baker, it comes down to supply and demand.

“We let our customers tell us what they want, it's a big day for us,” he added, “it pushed it forward so our customers could come in ahead of time, enjoy their holiday a little more, and enhance our business, too.”

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