Family, food and shopping? Retailers cash in over Thanksgiving holiday

Family, food and shopping? Retailers cash in over Thanksgiving holiday

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - In addition to family, food and tradition, shopping is on the list this Thanksgiving holiday.

More and more stores are opening earlier and earlier each year with door buster deals that they claim can't be beat. Emily Coke, the general manager of Tanger Outlets on 501, tells WMBF News it's all about flexibility. Stores are hoping to give you more options to shop when you want to shop, because they want your business no matter what day of the week it is. “Shoppers can avoid the crowds or enjoy the excitement of finding a great deal with lots of other shoppers around. It's all up to that shopper,” says Coke.

Most stores will have lists of their deals and maps online to help you plan out where the hot items are. And here's a tip, lots of times, those displays are placed strategically in the back or along the edges of the store to help with traffic flow. So there isn't a mob of people stuck near the front of the store.

Shopping on Thanksgiving and Black Friday can always be a bit of a gamble. But depending on what you're buying, there are items that you will get the best deals on today and tomorrow. And there are some items you should avoid.

Deal News is a price comparison website that tracks prices and sales on a daily basis. Experts say tablet prices have been up and down all year, so this Black Friday could be when the best deals will hit the shelves and online. Some are expecting discounts close to 15% on tablets.

When it comes to TV's, the high-end ones probably won't have the best deals this weekend. You won't see those deals until right before the Super Bowl. But if you're looking for a cheaper TV, go for it now.

One deal you can bet on, DVD's, blu-ray movies and box sets. On these you'll find steep discounts that you'll only see this time of year, especially on seasons of TV shows.

Toys and cook and kitchen ware are also hot ticket items with steep discounts.

When it comes to finding the best deals on clothes, that tends to be a toss up right now. If it's last season and not a luxury item, you'll find the best deal. But if it's a new line or brand, the sale tag you see today will probably be around through winter.

Bundling and quality are the top two things you should be aware of before making any purchase Thanksgiving Day or Black Friday.

Lots of deals in the circulars will show bundles. A gaming system with a few games and DVD's thrown in. Be sure you do the math first and make sure it actually comes out to a better deal than just getting X-Box. Normally the circulars will list the bund and the individual items with their sale prices and original prices so you can compare.

And be careful that you're not getting carried away by the cheap price. There is the chance that it's that cheap because it is very old merchandise or not the best quality, and they're just trying to get rid of it. Then once you get it, a newer better version will come out.  A good example of this is TV prices. A massive TV could be on sale for $200 on Black Friday, but it could be because that TV and its technology are about to be obsolete. With TV's, you'll typically get the best deal on high-quality ones closer to the Super Bowl. Just make sure you do your research first.

Here is a list of a few stores and their hours for Thanksgiving and Black Friday:

Thursday 6 a.m. – Black Friday midnight

Radio Shack
Thursday 8 a.m. – Black Friday 10 p.m.

Toys R Us
Thursday 5 p.m. – Friday 11 p.m.

Best Buy
Thursday 5 p.m. – Friday 1 a.m.
Black Friday 8 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Thursday 6 p.m. – Black Friday 10 p.m.

Tanger Outlets
Thursday 6 p.m. – Friday 2 a.m.
Black Friday 8 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Coastal Grand Mall
Thursday 6 p.m. – Friday 10 p.m.
(But you need to check online, some of their stores are choosing to open later on Thursday or not until Friday.)?

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